Advantages of using a Property Manager

The advantage of using a professional to manage your investment is peace of mind.

Qualified professionals know the marketplace, ensuring you receive maximum returns on your investment. They also have an understanding of relevant legislation and paperwork that is required under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

The world of property management can be quite complex with legislation affecting the everyday workings of a tenancy and Lessor relationship. For example: Private Residential Tenancy Board(PRTB), Consumer Protection Act, 2007, Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 , Equality Act 2004 and the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

Using a professional property group to manage your property relieves you from the pressure of having to deal with tenancy issues. Property Managers negotiate rent and leases on your behalf, sign and complete all documentation required by legislation, attend to maintenance issues, organize quotes, complete routine inspections (with your consent), complete final inspections when your tenants vacate, plus a range of other activities. There are many functions of property management that are required to be done that a private Lessor may not be aware of.

The skill and expertise of an agent will reduce the risk of non-compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act and save you as the investor or home owner from facing the possibility of financial penalties through non-compliance.

Our philosophy is simple; to look after your property as if it were our own and provide you with peace of mind.

"The difference between a good property manager and a great one often comes down to what happens after your property has been leased".

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